On this page will be posted free updates, training materials, update, possible fixes and stuff.

Frequently asked questions

1. How can I receive the updates?  

          Links for downloading updates to your purchased instrument will be sent to email specified during registration. 

2. Will there be a discount on the purchase of the full version of Bayan "Jupiter" (push-button accordion) for those who bought an orchestral version? 

          Although both versions can be used as separate instruments but the orchestral version is the part of the full one. Therefore, For purchasing the full version there will be given an discount on to the whole previously paid amount for the orchestral version.


Of the download after payment.

After payment You will be prompted to download a small zip file. It is not the library, this is the link to the download.

Further Your actions:

1. Download this file.

2. Unzip it.

3. Double-click the mouse on the appeared after unpacking the file ***.htm

4. In your default browser will open the page, and it will be a link (or links) to download the purchased Your library,

There may be additional instructions if necessary.

Here is the sequence of your actions in pictures.