Bayan Bass

Bayan Bass

Bayan Bass "Tula". Orchestral bayan.
 By using three microphones recorded a unique, "artisan" tool. The tool is specially made for the National Academic Orchestra of Russian folk instruments named I. P. Osipova.  Constantly used in the concert band practice.


For NI Kontakt samplers 4 and 5.









The range is E1 to Bb3.
Two separate patch Stereo and Mono.
Mono version: 1.14 GB, about 1670 samples.
Displays only the samples on a "main" microphone.
Stereo version 2.28 GB, approximately 1670 samples in a stereo version of the recorded samples are played at the three microphones, and then summarized in stereo samples.

In the four versions of the product placement of existing samples, switchable via keyswitch.
1. Eight layers, three round-robin.
2. Eight layers, three round-robin, Velocity crossfading between the layers.
3. Four layer, six round-robin.
4. Four layer, six round-robin, Velocity crossfading between the layers.

Involved controllers:
CC 001 controls the LFO > Volume. A sort of tremolo fur.
CC 011 - Additional volume control.
Mono After Touch - lowers the volume, and simultaneously lowers the tone for a few cents.
Pitch Bend - Increases and decreases volume. When the volume slightly increased tone at low volume the tone a little lower. When used in conjunction with CC 001 increases and decreases the frequency of the LFO > Volume.

The intensity of each, as described above, the controller shall be subject to the Settings page on the second page of the interface. There are also tooltips - specify for each of the controllers, reminiscent to what kind of impact parameter of this controller.

CC 007 - Total volume control tool.

CC 064 - Pressing on the pedal turns on Repetition mode. Notes are played by pressing the button and when you release button. The length and volume of music runs when key is released - are regulated separately.

The first page of the instrument "Griff", there are two fader. Left - adjusts the volume of music called when a key is released in the Repetition mode. Right - adjusts the volume of noise button bayan. At the same time affects the volume of noise when you press the button and the volume of noise produced when removing the finger from the button.

Effects: Convolution Reverb, Stereo Modeller.

A more detailed description of the actions of all controllers, and other properties of the tool can always look at the instrument, in the tab "Help and About" (page 5).

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