Bayan Orchestral

Bayan Orchestral
Bayan Orchestral. For the sampler NI Kontakt 5.


In this, the orchestral version of the tool are the sounds only the right of the keyboard bayan.

2 382 samples, 2,20 GB. Wav, 44.1kHz Hz, 24 bit, mono.

10 velocity layers for each note.

15 registers, an Exact match of a combination of sounds, as in the real bayan "Jupiter".

Mode rehearsals.

Realistic noise the push of a button. Realistic noise when removing his fingers from the Bayan. Exact match the noise of a button, that button, with the help of which before this appears sound. In all velocity layers they are different, just like in the real game on the bayan.

Effects: Convolution Reverb, Stereo Modeller.


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