We are the S&V Studio. In 2010, we started working on the creation of a sound library of Russian Orchestra Sound Set Instruments Advanced (R.O.S.S.I.A). We plan to make a full version of all the instruments of russian folk orchestra, including all orchestral instruments: accordions (push-button accordions), domra, balalaika, all brass instruments, percussion, psaltery, and others.
         We plan to make at least two physically different instrument versions, recorded by different artists of such instruments as: Small domra, alto domra, bass domra, prima balalaika, sekunda balalaika and alto balalaika.
        The task is not just to create a simple library, but save and deliver sounds of mechanics instruments, like magnificent musicians play them right now. Artists and soloists of the national Russian academic folk instruments Orchestra named after Osipov take active part in these recordings.
        Our project is costly in both time and finances; that is why to release immediately the entire library is not possible right now. The time of appearing of each instrument version depends on many factors, but in any case we will try to bring the work till the very end.
        The majority of the instruments has been already recorded, and now it is under adjustment. The first instruments in the library are orchestral accordions (push-button accordions) that are already available for purchase. On the "Support" page there are answers to frequently asked questions.
        In September, we plan to release a full version of Bayan "Jupiter" (push-button accordion) and two of Vladimirskiy Rozhok - tenor and baritone. Now they are in the process of refinement of their interfaces, and technical sides. When we have something new, we will give updates to each instrument.

Thanks all who have supported our project.   


Evgeny Sedykh
Concept, produced, recording engineer,
audio editing, mixing, script programming.
Sergey Valyukhov
Patron of the arts,
a friend, a good man.
Galina Cherkasova
Executive producer,
design, flash.
  Valeriy Chukanov
The expert from the analog equipment,
patron of the arts, a friend,a good man.
Dmitry Popov
Performance, photographer.
  Nikolai Pankratz
Evgeny Polevikov
Audio editing, mixing.